Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH-15) National Republican Committee Chairman, joined Abby Huntsman on the Brian Kilmeade Show. Abby and the Congressman talked about John McCain's return to the Senate, the current state of the Republican healthcare bill and what it's going to take to get his constituents back to work. "We're the party of work, those are our people, and that's our party. We're going to deliver for them on taxes and were going to deliver for them on an Infrastructure plan that puts them back to work." The Congressman agreed that healthcare is a complicated issue, however, doesn't he feel the Democrats are lending much of a hand to help solve the issues of Obama-Care. "Their mantra of resist is all the Democratic party stands for right now. While healthcare may be the hot topic on the Senate floor, Congressman Stivers agrees with former Speaker of the House Gingrich saying tax reform is what will help at the polls. "We need to quickly move to get tax reform done because that what the American people understand, it's what they need and it's what got the President elected."

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