French Celeb & Best Selling Author Patrice Bisiot: Losing It All Inspired Me to Empower Others

Best selling author and founder of Bisiot Image Reading, Patrice Bisiot is a celebrity stylist and executive coach who by the age of 9 realized his dream of being rich and famous. Though he’s curated looks for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, he battled low self-esteem and self-doubt that started in his youth.

In an interview with FOX’s Crystal Berger, Patrice shares how he overcame his battles with low self-worth; giving listeners tips on how to overcome their crippling emotions. In his book, Mind Your Hair, Patrice shares his top tips for leading to a life of freedom and fulfillment. Today, Patrice travels the world empowering individuals through a technique he’s coined called “hair readings”; where clients not only get insight into their personal brand and image, but their life’s purpose as well.

Listen to the interview below:

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