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The U.S. government is footing a bill in Trump Tower since President Trump's election, but that money isn't going into the real estate developer's bank account.

FOX's Laura Ingle has more from just outside of Trump Tower in New York City:

President Trump hasn't stepped foot inside Trump Tower here on Fifth Avenue since becoming President, but that doesn't mean the White House doesn't need to be here and be prepared. The U.S. government is paying more than $130,000 a month to lease space for the White House military office, that according to lease documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

White House military office operations are separate from the Secret Service and provide medical, food, transportation and communication services that need to be close to the President and safeguards the top secret launch codes the President needs to order a nuclear attack.

The President isn't making any money off this deal because the space is privately owned by someone not affiliated with the Trump organization, according to the U.S. General Services Administration.

In New York, Laura Ingle, FOX News.