"Its an epic fail. Republicans did campaign on this for a while and when the crunch came, they blinked. I think we don't realize the fallout."

----Bill McGurn on Republicans failing to come together and repeal and replace Obamacare

Bill McGurn, former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss what he calls an epic fail by republicans for failing to move on repealing Obamacare. McGurn said he is also skeptical of the upcoming vote to just repeal Obamacare with out replacement because even if they do get the votes to move forward they will still have to work with Senator Schumer to save insurance companies. McGurn also discussed the outrage over President Trump's unscheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and why the President needs to get ahead of the Russian investigation and release everything instead of information slowly dripping out to the media.

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Bill McGurn on both moderates and conservatives in the GOP sharing the blame for failing to pass healthcare reform

(Kilmeade) Are moderates happy, are conservatives happy?

(MCGURN) No one is happy and the blame goes all around. There are the purists like Mike Lee and Rand Paul that somehow think it's better to keep the Obama status quo than make a partial fix to it, I mean I don't understand that logic at all. Then the moderates who wouldn't take yes for an answer, you know they kept giving them things and things. I also think it's not his fault that it failed and that Donald Trump didn't push it the way he ought to, the way a party needs a president to push a significant piece of legislation.