Get out the jersey's as some major cities become home for Esports and some major names.

FOX's Eammonn Dignam has today's "FOX Bits":

Your Insiders Cheat Code to gaming, I'm Eammonn Dignam.
Esports taking another big step with the announcement of the first seven city based teams in Blizzard's professional 'Overwatch' league. Likely names for some of those teams: The Los Angeles Immortals and the Miami-Orlando Misfits.
New England Patriots CEO Robert Kraft purchased a Boston based team and Mets co-founder Jeff Wilpon owns the New York team.

'Eve Online,' the space exploration massively multiplayer game is branching off to explore the actual universe, teaming up with University of Geneva professor Michel Mayor, they launched Project Discovery... Using the data from a European space agency telescope designed to search for exoplanets.
Players will be able to search and discover real brand new worlds.

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