Burger cookout tips from a pro.

FOX's Lilian Woo fills you in:

For the cornerstone of many a summer cookouts, some wisdom from Famous Dave Anderson who insists:

(Anderson) "I am ninja on burgers."

The 2017 Barbecue Hall of Fame inductee says start with a good 80-20 burger meat:

(Anderson) "You gotta have fat, get to know your butcher. What you want to do is get that burger when it just comes right out of the grinder."

And if your meat must come from the grocery store shelf, take one on top so you have loose burger meat. Dave explains you need a light touch:

(Anderson) "You don't want to want to take and pack it flat. The burger has to have passage ways where all the meat juices and the fat to travail."

And for those crispy edges on the meat patties, he says season them because they're your first bite.

Lilian Woo, FOX News.

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