There has been criticism in recent years that college athletic programs are recruiting kids at too young of an age, especially in college football. Well the bar has just been set to some new low standards, as a 9-year-old has just been offered a scholarship!

Fox's Jim MacKay explains:  

Yes you heard right! A 9-year-old kid in California who plays youth football, apparently had enough talent to catch the eyes of scouts at the University of Nevada. The Division 1 school making the offer to Havon Finney Jr.

Havon's trainer is a former football player at the University of Louisville and he's been tweeting out offers of some of his young future stars. He trains another player who's 10, who got an offer from the University of Illinois, another Division 1 school.

Young players these days are getting scouts' attention by putting their highlight reels on YouTube and with the cut throat recruiting business, schools are going younger and younger trying to get that next future college star.

Jim MacKay, FOX News.

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