FOX's Ashley Papa has a wedding edition of 'FOX on Love':

Attend a military wedding and experience rituals not found in civilian weddings.

Sheldon Suga, VP and managing director of Hawks Cay Resort, which hosts many military weddings, says military couples incorporate more pageantry and patriotism in their ceremonies:

(Suga) "A lot of them tend to focus on a military style wedding whether it's wearing military attire or having sabers to do an aisle presentation."

It's more about traditions than rules and as beautiful as military weddings are, Suga says couples may face more challenges in the planning process:

(Suga) "Someone gets assigned to do training somewhere or someone is on deployment and so sometimes we see it's only one partner involved with the planning."

Destination weddings can benefit military couples because they serve as the honeymoon spot, too:

(Suga) "We use our wedding planners to set up things. They have the contacts. It makes it a lot easier for them."

It's all about the love and patriotism.

With FOX on Love this Wedding season, I'm Ashley Papa.

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