FOX’s Eben Brown has your ‘FOX Bullet Points’:

I’m Eben Brown.

In the wake of last week’s gun attack upon the congressional Republican charity baseball team, there’s one member of Congress who wants a new law allowing him and his colleagues to be able to carry a firearm. Currently, they’re not allowed and only a select few get police protection. Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama is sponsoring the bill:

(Brooks) “We’re still high profile targets, but we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves because of Washington, DC’s restrictive gun laws.”

And we at Bullet Points continue to wish for a quick recovery of congressman Steve Scalise and the Capitol police officers wounded in the attack last week.

We also need to point out the errors made by journalists in the immediate reporting of the shooting. CBS News claimed the gunman used an M-4 Carbine. CNN called it an M-1. The FBI said he had both a nine millimeter handgun and a 762 caliber rifle. ABC said the rifle was an SKS, but an assault rifle. Which it isn’t.

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