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A dean of Yale University is out of a job after posting offensive on-line reviews.

FOX's Kerin McCue explains:

June Chu was the Dean of Yale's residential Pierson College. She's leaving her position following criticism she received for posting controversial reviews on Yelp.

In one critique of a restaurant, she said it was perfect for anyone who was "white trash." In another, this one for a New Haven movie theater, she remarked on its lack of "sketchy crowds." Many found her Yelp critiques to be "elitist and offensive."

The Yale College paper first broke the story of the Chu reviews. On Tuesday, that same paper announced that Dean Chu was leaving, although the report failed to mention if she was fired or was quitting on her own.

Either way, the University says a new Dean would be named before the fall semester. Chu, by the way, has apologized to her students and admitted to having made "poor choices."

Kerin McCue, FOX News.