Guns N’ Roses Releasing New Music?

FOX’s Laura Ingle takes you inside the lives of Guns N’ Roses… 

While Guns N’ Roses currently rips it up on the road, selling out stadiums around the planet on its ‘Not in this Lifetime Tour,’ band members are also doing another unthinkable act: writing new music.

In a recent podcast with Stage Left, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus says the band has been assembling ideas for new tunes, laying down some recordings in hopes of making a new studio record.

There’s been a lot of strife in years past making a new album, fans will remember it took 10 years for the album ‘Chinese Democracy’ to be made. Fortus was asked if he thought fans might really see this happen:

(Fortus) “Yeah, I do. It’s sort of too good to not to happen at this point. That’s how I feel about it. I mean this band it’s a force right now. I really definitely hope that we do and I think we’re also counting on it. We’re also planning on it.”

Something GnR fans will count on too. 

I’m Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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