If you were looking for a good reason to kick your e-cigarette habit, you certainly have one now... And you can thank hackers!

FOX's Jim Mackay explains:

We live in a world where it seems everything can be hacked... And now e-cigarettes are being warned as a potential in-road for malware and ransomware into your computer. Most e-cigarettes come with a USB option to charge the battery in the device, lots of people are on the go and wind up charging them with their USB outlet on their laptop.

Security experts now warn that hackers can add a malicious chip inside your e-cigarette and when it's plugged into your computer it can hold your computer hostage and the options for the hackers are endless.

As a precaution they warn, when you charge your e-cigarette... Leave your computer out of the equation.

Jim MacKay, FOX News.

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