This year's E3 has come and gone.
FOX's Eammonn Dignam has some of the biggest winners in the latest "Fox Bits."

Your insiders cheat code to gaming, I'm Eammonn Dignam.
The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 is one of the biggest weeks in gaming  shining a spotlight on the upcoming games for the year. at Nintendo's Press Conference:

They are relying on their biggest four Mario based games coming out for the Switch and the 3DS, including 'Super Mario Odyssey':

And after a 10-year hiatus 'Classic Metroid' returns in two games, one for the portable 3DS:

And one for the Switch:

Microsoft changed the once code named "Scorpio" to the "X Box One X" or if you go by the acronym: X-B-O-X

They also  introduced console cross over play with Nintendo for building game 'Minecraft' and others:

Sony PS4 exclusive Spiderman by developer Insomniac grabbing attention with  an open world stealth game with the wise cracking web slinger as the main character:

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