A Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Making a Memory

    Are you doing anything for Father’s Day? It’s not just about what the kids give dad; it’s also a chance to reconnect, for kids of any age.

    FOX’s Lisa Brady reports:

    This weekend we celebrate the dads, and father figures, in our families and sometimes those aren’t easy relationships:

    (Watkins) “He was the last person I wanted to spend all that time with.”

    This is author Andra Watkins talking about her 80-year-old dad, who ended up being her wingman, as she walked the Natchez Trace parkway, over 400 miles-from Mississippi to Nashville to launch her first book:

    (Watkins) “He’s just this awful, loud, gassy obnoxious man.”

    But as he picked her up and dropped her off everyday, five weeks in a hotel room together, they made a connection:

    (Watkins) “We went from arguing all the time to him telling me stories that I never would have heard otherwise and giving me a window into him.”

    Changing their relationship, before it was too late:

    (Watkins) “The crux of what I talk about when I travel is how important it is to make memories and not end up with a bunch of I-wish-I’d-done-that-thing.”

    So make memories this Father’s Day. That’s the gift that lasts.

    With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.

    Andra Watkins is a best-selling author based in South Carolina. Her memoir, ‘Not Without My Father,’ tells the story of her 444-mile walk of the Natchez Trace. She’s working on turning the stories her father has shared with her over the years into a separate piece.