Former Baseball player Pete Rose is officially banned from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

FOX's Jared Max has more:

He collected more hits than any player in Major League history, but he also was found to have bet on Major League Baseball games for which Pete Rose accepted a lifetime ban in 1989. Why is this news today? Because Jeff Idelson, the President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum told ESPN that back in December an attorney for Pete Rose contacted the Hall seeking reconsideration for Rose's band to be lifted.

But Idelson said the Board of Directors upheld their standard, ratifying a rule written in 1991, which now reads, "anyone deemed permanently ineligible by Major League Baseball including Pete Rose, may not be considered for election to the Baseball Hall of Fame."

Rose who is now 76 and a studio analyst for FOX will still be honored by his longtime Cincinnati Reds team. They'll unveil a statue of Rose outside of Great American Ballpark Saturday.

Jared Max, FOX News.

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