FOX's Laura Ingle has the scoop on an unlikely friendship in the rock and roll world in this Bonus Track:

Turns out having a Rock and Roll friend like Paul McCartney is a good thing in many ways. Hard-rocking Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl and Sir Paul have been friends for years. And it was a good thing Grohl had McCartney's number in his phone when he needed help.

Grohl revealing to Britain's 'Absolute Radio' that when he fell off a stage in Sweden in 2015, broke his leg and needed surgery, he reached out to his famous friend:

(Grohl) "So we thought, okay well let's fly down to London, but I don't know any doctors in London. So I actually texted McCartney and I said 'hey man, do you know any good doctors?' And he hooked me up with this doctor and he looked at my leg and he said I could fix it like that."

Grohl adding that McCartney is not only the most brilliant Rock and Roll musician of all-time, but if you need a good doctor and you have his number, call him! Now if we could just get those digits from you Dave!

Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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