Country star Brad Paisley has a big message for his new album.

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin chats with the singer in this 'FOX Celebrity Profile':

I'm Ashley Dvorkin with your FOX Celebrity Profile.

Country star Brad Paisley is out with his ninth studio album 'Love and War' and is sending a strong message on that title track:

(Paisley) "Once I came up with the idea for that song I had it in mind to do that with John Fogerty who was the voice of sort of musically the Vietnam era in some ways, and you know, we think back to what we got wrong during Vietnam, which was that if you weren't for the war somehow you weren't for the troops either and now we're getting it right that we understand whether we agree or not with any sort of conflict that we honor these troops, but we're not doing it in the greater scheme of things when it comes to health care and the V.A. and the things that we need to improve. So to me, I thought there's some sort of song here that's a bit of a protest song and it's protesting the mistreatment of these guys that are heroes."

He's received feedback when he shot the video on the aircraft carrier USS Midway:

(Paisley) "It was really magical for me to sing it knowing they're standing there hearing it."

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