President Trump and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis spoke at a joint news conference at the White House on Friday. President Trump and Iohannis then took questions in which President Trump was asked about James Comey's testimony on Thursday.

President Trump responded that there is "no collusion, no obstruction" and that Comey is "a leaker."

FOX's Jon Decker reports from the White House:

President Trump claimed that it is his former FBI Director James Comey who lied at times during his sworn testimony. And he was coy when asked if he recorded his conversations with Comey:

(President Trump) "Well I'll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future. But in the meantime... No collusion, no obstruction. He's a leaker."

The President said that he would be happy to sit down and submit to questioning under oath by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. And he adamantly denied Comey's claims that he asked him to end the FBI's investigation into his former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

At the White House, Jon Decker, FOX News.

Watch the joint news conference below: