Five Percent of Babies Born with Zika Birth Defects in U.S. Territories – CDC

    Federal health officials have more information about the prevalence of birth defects of babies born to mothers infected with the Zika virus.

    FOX’sEben Brown reports:

    A survey of pregnant mothers from U.S.territories, like Puerto Rico and the U.S.Virgin Islands, among others, showed that about 1500had confirmed Zika infections:

    (Dr. Schuchat) “And 122, or five percent, have Zika associated birth defects.”

    Doctor Ann Schuchat at the Centers for Disease Control says those rates are consistent with Zika birth defects on the U.S.mainland, and that risks of birth defects increase the earlier in the pregnancy the mother is infected.

    CDC recommends frequent testing and screening of potentially infected mothers and their babies before and after birth.

    Eben Brown,FOX News.

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