Another disturbance on an airplane... this time a dog is to blame.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

They had just boarded a Delta flight in Atlanta to fly to San Diego Sunday night... When:

(Passenger) "You could hear a dog growling and a bark and someone scream 'I need help, there's a medical emergency.'"

The dog was a U.S. Marine combat veteran's emotional service dog and it bit the passenger sitting in the next seat in the face:

(Passenger) "His face was covered in blood. Around his eyes, nose, his cheeks."

That passenger was taken off the plane with severe facial injuries. The Marine and dog were also escorted off the flight and he was in tears holding his canine helper fearful they were going to put him down.

Instead both he and the chocolate lab Pointer Mix were put on a later Delta flight with the dog in a carrier. No charges have been filed.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.