Former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO & Dean of The Fletcher School at Tufts University Admiral James Stavridis joined Brian Kilmeade to talk about his new book "Sea Power: The History And Geopolitics Of The World's Oceans" but said he continues to be surprised by Secretary Clinton and President Obama. "They are both pretty far out there in terms of criticism of the Trump administration. The Admiral went on to say, "It simply surprises me especially despite all the disagreement with what President Trump may or may not be doing we're still only four months into this thing so let's take a breath and let the system work and see how it turns out." The Admiral also called President Obama into question when asked by Brian what the admiral would do if he faced the harassment from these fast Iranian boats. His reply, "We need to rip a couple of those apart from our destroyers. I was shocked, and it hurt my heart to watch a crew of Navy sailors on their knees captured by some low-rent Iranian boats. We (President Obama) should have retaliated."

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