"I have sent 2 letters now, I expanded it on my second letter, if Comey has these kinds of details I want to see them about Loretta Lynch, I want to see them about Barack Obama, I want to see them about all these other meetings. and so if he has notes I am sure it just wasn't the one time and if that's true where are they? Because they are federal records and the Oversight Committee has jurisdiction on federal records so cough them up."

---Jason Chaffetz on wanting James Comey to hand over notes of his meetings with President Obama and Loretta Lynch

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) joined Brian Kilmeade in studio to discuss the terror attack in London and why it's well past time America investigates any social media postings for anyone who applies for a visa wanting to come to the U.S. Chaffetz also discussed this week's upcoming testimony with James Comey in front of the Senate intelligence committee. Chaffetz said if Comey has detailed notes on his meetings with President Trump then he also wants to see his notes covering his meetings with Loretta Lynch. Chaffetz went on to say he has not seen any evidence of collusion between members of President Trump's campaign team and Russia and his question to democrats is "what is your evidence?"

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Chaffetz on the democrats not having any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

(Chaffetz) My question for the democrats who believe in their heart they actually think there is some sort of collusion, what is your best evidence? Because I have looked at it, I don't see it.

(Kilmeade) You have seen a lot of stud that has not been in the Times, the Post, on Fox or CNN?

(Chaffetz) There is a lot of stuff that is just not there so when you ask the very basic questions, ok folks, show me what you got, they don't have anything.