Rodney Coe thought he had it all:  right out of college he landed roles on stage in New York City. Then, early one morning returning home from a concert, the successful young actor was the victim of a violent mugging...savagely beaten unconscious by one of his attackers with a metal baseball bat. His injuries left him unable to speak, let alone perform or memorize lines. Severe brain damage made it difficult to find work and he was thankful for a job filling tubs of popcorn at a movie theatre on Broadway.

This Saturday June 3rd  Coe will be on the big screen nationwide, starring in "Jonah." The actor who survived a mugging plays a man who survived three days and nights in the belly of a whale. Produced by "Sight and Sound" the film features spectacular special effects and a talented cast of musical theatre performers and animal actors.

FOX's Jane Metzler talks with Rodney Coe about the road back; lessons learned and the faith that saved him.

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