"It's very disappointing because it's tying up our agenda in Washington. There are so many things we need to work on and get results. A lot of these things are, I think, self-inflicted wounds. I hope the President gets on track. Maybe this foreign trip will give him an opportunity to stay focused on the issues. Leave the tweeting alone. Let the investigations go where they're going to go. He is confident there is nothing there and we need to get on with the infrastructure package, the tax reform, all those things the American people want to see us get into and get solved."

---Rep LoBiondo on President Trump's "self-inflicted" wounds are trying up the Republican's agenda in congress

Congressman Frank LoBiondo, (R-NJ) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the House and Senate's ongoing investigation into possible Russian influence during President Trump's campaign and how some of the distractions surrounding the president are self-inflicted issues that are holding up the GOP's agenda. The Congressman also welcomed Brian to his newest affiliate, WPG talk radio 104.1 in Atlantic City, NJ.

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