I do think the idea of an ultimate deal right now is a bridge too far because the gaps between the two sides are simply too great.... The differences are not going to magically melt away but there is a new potential and I applaud the effort to make the try. I would say this, try to create a foundation first. If you are going to start diplomacy, show something is different this time. Get the Israelis not to build outside the settlement blocks, get the Palestinians to declare they will no longer fund the Martyrs Foundation. Get the Arab states to go ahead and reach out to the Israelis in public. Have each side to demonstrate something that is hard for them first, that will tell you they are ready to go for the bigger and harder decisions they are going to have to make.

---Ambassador Ross on why President Trump's hope to achieve the ultimate peace deal between Israel and Palestine is unachievable right now

Ambassador Dennis Ross spoke with Brian Kilmeade about how President Trump's first trip to the Middle East is to show that America, under his leadership is re-engaging with the Middle East and strengthening our ties with Israel and Arab partners. Ross believes while Israel and Palestine are too far apart at this moment there is new potential to build a foundation to achieve "the ultimate deal" of peace in the region. Ross also discussed President Trump leaking classified info to Russian officials and how baffling it is that transcripts found their way to the Washington Post.

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