Why it may be time to dump your "friends".

FOX's Ashley Papa reports:

Our friendships can shape who we are and end up being. That can be good or bad, says Dr. Mark Shannan, author of "The Original Design for Health," that is if you're friends with the wrong people:

(Shannan) "The people we surround ourselves with to a large degree really do influence who we become and at a bare minimum influence how we act when we are around them."

Shannan says there are three giveaways that tell you it's time to dump a friend, like it feels like you're the only one putting effort into the relationship. Also, if a friend makes you feel bad about yourself:

(Shannan) "They're sucking the life out of you, they're draining your energy, they frequently cause you to cry, stress you out, cause depression. Those are people you absolutely got to stay away from. And then number three, it should be a huge red flag if you have friends that tempt you to do or say things that you know you shouldn't or don't want to."

You wouldn't stay in a romantic relationship with such a person, so Shannan says don't be afraid to break it off with a friend who brings strife rather than improve your life.

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