“Absolutely we need to exit Paris because it’s a bad business deal for this country and the President has talked about an America first strategy in trade and an America first strategy in protecting our border and what Paris represents is an America last strategy with respect to the environment. We are leading the world now, we are at pre-1994 levels with our CO-2 footprint, not because of Paris, not because of a government mandate but because of innovation and technology. For those who say we are going to lose our seat at the table, we are the United States, we don’t lose our seat at the table.”

— Scott Pruitt on why America needs to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement

EPA Chairman Scott Pruitt spoke to Brian Kilmeade about President Trump’s upcoming trip to the G7 Summit and how the President is strongly considering pulling America out of the Parris climate agreement. Pruitt explained how the Paris accords threatens 400,000 U.S. jobs and goes against President Trump’s “America First” pledge. Pruitt also addressed James Comey’s allegations that President Trump asked the FBI Director to end the investigation into General Michael Flynn.

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