"It's highly unlikely the President was even in a position where he could give enough information that would compromise a source and a method and I think if he were given that kind of sensitive information he would have understood it....The bottom line is I think there are some people in the intelligence community who don't support this President and don't support his agenda...if they were so concerned about what this data was, they wouldn't have shared it with the Washington Post."

---Pete Hoekstra on why he doesn't believe President Trump shared classified information with Russian officials

Former Chairman Of the House Intelligence Committee Pete Hoekstra joined Brian Kilmeade in studio to discuss President Trump allegedly leaking classified information to Russia. Hoekstra believes it is highly unlikely the President was in a position to compromise classified information to Russian officials and believes if the President was given an Intel briefing explaining the information was sensitive he would never have revealed it.

Hoekstra also discussed the need for the Trump administration to be more disciplined on communication because this is a distraction from the real issues of fighting ISIS and dealing with North Korea. Hoekstra also gave his take on the latest threats from North Korea, including whether they are behind the latest ransomware cyber-attack and how the Iran nuclear deal ties into Russia and North Korea

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