Another birthday this week for a noted American military Veteran.

FOX’s Paul Stevens with the story:

World War II veteran Richard Overton of Austin, Texas, the nation’s oldest living military veteran, turning 111-years-old this past Thursday.

Overton saying that all-in-all:

(Overton) “I’m doin’ alright.”

Overton, born in 1906, now with a street named after him “Richard Overton Avenue,” where he’s lived for over 70 years. Two of his long-life secrets? Cigars and bourbon whiskey:

(Overton) “Well I always drink a little bit. That’s kept me alive, that’s why I’m living so long. Makes you happier. It’s the same as medicine if you take it right.”

Overton joining the military in 1942 and serving in the Pacific. So, how does he feel about being 111?

(Overton) “I ain’t getting rich, but I feel glad.”

Paul Stevens, FOX News.