Some high-speed pieces of movie and TV memorabilia will soon be going going gone.

FOX's Anna Eliopoulos reports:

It's a chance to own pieces of movie history with a little bit of torque. San Antonio based Dan Kruse Classics teamed up with Flat Twelve Gallery to auction off a hanger-full of cars that have made on-screen magic...

Highlights include the Chevrolet Chevelle featured in the Ryan Gosling movie "Drive," and the motorcycle ridden by Nicholas Cage in "Ghost Rider." As well as the Jeep that was driven by Elvis Presley in the 1965 movie "Tickle Me"...

Other items up for grabs: cars and bikes from the show Entourage, Mad Men, and Sons of Anarchy, as well as a sports car owned by Jerry Seinfeld.

They all hit the auction block Saturday, May 27.

Anna Eliopoulos, FOX News.