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“Alien: Covenant | Prologue: The Crossing | 20th Century FOX.”

This official short is a prologue to the upcoming film, Alien: Covenant. The clip takes place after the events of Prometheus… and follows the journey of David, the synthetic crew member, and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, who repairs the robot as the pair voyage on board an abandoned Engineer ship. The clip ends in a cliffhanger… with David looking down on the new world. Alien: Covenant is in theaters May 19th.

From sci-fi… to comic books…

“WONDER WOMAN – ‘Goddess’ TV Spot.”

This quick glimpse shows Wonder Woman wielding the Lasso of Truth and Cuffs of Submission… as she demonstrates her warrior capabilities. The move is in theaters June 2nd.

And, this clip is racing to popularity online…

“Cars 3 – Official US Trailer.”

McQueen is back. This look into the upcoming installment of the animated film series shows Lightning McQueen facing an uncertain future. Leaning on some old friends and working with a trainer, McQueen gears up for another go on the track. The movie is in theaters June 16th.

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