Remembering Aunt Joan

To Andrew Waxler, she was just Aunt Joan. But there was never a time in this Pennsylvania cardiologist’s life that he was not aware that his mother’s younger sister, the comedy legend the rest of us know as Joan Rivers, was something special. His mom let him stay up late on school nights to watch and laugh along with her as his Aunt Joan cracked up Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show” couch. He remembers Thanksgiving dinners; his aunt’s devotion to daughter Melissa and grandson Cooper, and the generosity Rivers showed when her sister was left a widow to raise two young children alone. Dr. Waxler intentionally tries to forget his aunt’s final days in a New York City hospital where she was taken after an out-patient procedure went horribly wrong.

Andrew Waxler talks with FOX’s Jane Metzler about memories of his famous family member. He provides some background about the two over-achieving Molinsky sisters (His mother was one of the youngest graduates in the history of Columbia University Law School and attended medical school). Waxler also shares some of the words of wisdom they imparted over the years. And this University of Pennsylvania-trained physician relays some professional advice of his own about heart health, discussing a new diagnostic test that cardiologists are using to help determine who’s at risk for heart disease.

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