When a cover band had their equipment stolen, some rock gods stepped in to save the day.

FOX's John Saucier reports:

It never hurts to lend a helping hand, even when you're a heavy metal band...

Metallica tribute band 'Blistered Earth' played a show in Portland, Oregon, and then had all of their equipment stolen.

It might have been the end of the tour, but drummer Shawn Murphy got a phone call, from Metallica. Apparently back in the day, before becoming super stars, Metallica also had equipment stolen and didn't have money to replace it.

So Metallica's manager asked 'Blistered Earth' to send them an equipment list and the real Metallica paid for new equipment for the band which covers their songs. This time around, there was in fact, "justice for all."

John Saucier, FOX News.