Red Sox fans greeted Baltimore Orioles player Adam Jones with cheers last night after a racist incident at a game at Fenway Monday night.

FOX's Jared Max has more:

24 hours removed from what Baltimore Orioles all-star center fielder Adam Jones called one of the worst nights of his Major League career, the subject of racial insults at Boston's Fenway Park, Jones received a warm reception from the Fenway faithful when introduced his first time to bat...

Adam Jones appreciated the Boston fan's gesture, he said, "I've never on the road gotten any ovation or anything like that."

Red Sox principal owner John Henry along with team president Sam Kennedy had met earlier yesterday with Jones to assure him of where the team stands. Kennedy said, "We want to make sure our fans know and the market knows offensive language, racial taunts and slurs are unacceptable. If you do it, you're going to be ejected, subject to having your tickets revoked for a year, maybe fore life":

(Jones) "Appreciate that action was taken and that not everybody feels the same way as selective people."

Adam Jones also said, "Boo me, just keep the racial stuff out of it."

Jared Max, FOX News.

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