"I don't believe that the government is the answer for all of these problems. It's you know if you look at how we do economic development to try to get a business locally, it's a public private partnership so it's somewhere in the middle, it's not all government it's not no government, its public private partnerships. How does the government do their role with infrastructure, training, tax incentives, competitive tax code, simplified tax code, those kind of things you know, tax relief for smaller businesses and startup businesses, how do you get that rolling? But the then the private sector side comes in and they make their investment, it's got to be a partnership and that's the future not all government not no government. So a lot of the socialistic answers you know I don't agree with and so I think the Democratic Party has better answers because I think we need to get in that space where there is nuance and complexity and figure out how to explain that."

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) spoke with Brian Kilmeade and told him the democratic solutions are very different than socialists solutions and that government is not the only answer to Americas problems. The Congressman went on to say that both democrats and republicans should be happy with the bi-partisan budget deal and need more compromise like this in congress.

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