Actor Billy Bob Thornton had other dreams as a teenager.

FOX's Laura Ingle explains:

When you think of Billy Bob Thornton, you may think about all those famous roles he's played as an actor in movies such as 'Sling Blade' or 'Bad Santa', but singing and playing music was his first passion:

(Thornton) "Well I started a band when I was a teenager."

Thornton's current band The Boxmasters is celebrating its tenth year. I caught up with him backstage at the White House correspondents jam. We talked about his long musical career, which included being a roadie for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band:

(Thornton) "I was a little skinny roadie for about three years. And then I played drums in a trio called Tres Hombres."

Thornton jammed with his Hombres for a few years before he turned to acting. I asked him what he thought people would find most surprising about him, which his bandmates helped jokingly answer:

(Thornton) "Gosh I don't know... (Band member) How boring he is!... Yeah exactly how boring I am..."

I'm Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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