A new report on sexual violence in U.S. schools finds thousands of cases of children abusing other children.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports

Reviewing a combination of state education records and federal crime data, the Associated Press finds 17,000 cases of reported sexual assaults of students by students in grades K through 12, over a four year period in the U.S., 2011 to 2015. Reports sometimes mishandled treated as bullying, hazing or consensual behavior, instead of sexual violence.

And happening in areas where students are left unsupervised, including bathrooms, hallways and locker rooms. Five percent of the incidents tracked by AP, involving five and six year olds.

The report notes that under Title Nine, school districts are obligated to investigate and act on bullying and sexual violence, separate from any police inquiry, but there's no national requirement for schools to track or disclose sexual violence.

Lisa Brady, FOX News.