An animated take on the President's first 100 days in office.

FOX's Chris Foster reports:

There's a new Simpsons cartoon released online, with President Trump reflecting on his term so far:

"100 days in office, so many accomplishments. Lowered my golf handicap, my Twitter following increased by 700 and finally we can shoot hibernating bears, my boys will love that."

It imagines a new tax plan:

"It lowers taxes for only Republicans... Can't FOX News read it? And I'll watch what they say."

And Ivanka Trump taking Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat:

"You can buy Ivanka's robe with gavel earrings for only 1,000 rubles." 

Marge Simpson complains she's out of antidepressants:

"This was supposed to last me the whole four years."

An episode of the Simpsons in 2000 joked about a Donald Trump presidency.

Chris Foster, FOX News.