A history-making astronaut takes a special call from the White House.

FOX's Gurnal Scott reports: 

It was a long-distance call of congratulations from the Oval Office:

(President Trump) "Do you hear me?"

And apparently the connection was just fine:

(Whitson) "Yes sir, we have you loud and clear."

President Trump recognized Peggy Whitson, commander of the International Space Station for spending 534 days and counting in space, a U.S. record.

Whitson says she shares it with the NASA staff:

(Whitson) "Who make this space flight possible and who make me setting this record feasible."

There was even brief talk of NASA work to get to Mars, which the President said he'd like to see during his time in office.

Whitson replied:

(Whitson) "We are absolutely ready to go to Mars."

Whitson will remain in space until September, by then logging more than 600 days in orbit.

Gurnal Scott, FOX News.

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