It’s a $108 million investment fund that provides financing for health care in the developing world.

FOX’s Carole Zimmer reports:

This fund wants to do good and make money at the same time. The Global Health Investment Fund has two requirements when it comes to choosing which companies to put money into, according to managing partner Curt LaBelle:

(LaBelle) “We have to make sure that we’re only backing products that can be used in the developing world and that can hopefully also generate positive financial returns.”

GHIF has also invested in a company that developed an oral vaccine for cholera. So has does the fund generate positive financial returns when those vaccines often sell for a dollar?:

(LaBelle) “Even though vaccines are often times sold for under a dollar in the developing world, the volumes can really be astonishing. Where they’re literally sold in bulk in the hundreds of millions.”

The fund also invests in companies that make tools like hand held devices that can diagnose the presence of HIV and malaria.

Carole Zimmer, FOX News.

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