Nintendo offers up a reward and injecting a little 8 bit nostalgia into a current celebration in Canada.

FOX's Eammonn Dignam has more in the latest 'FOX Bits':

Your insiders cheat code to gaming, I'm Emmonn Dignam.
In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada, the official Bank of Canada showing some love to gaming. Enter the Konami Code on the website that shows off new 10 dollar bill designs and you'll get a surprise.
The code started in the 1986 Konami game, 'Contra' to get the notoriously difficult game to cough up more lives.

The code has been used before on websites and other games as tribute to the classic shoot 'em up.

And Nintendo is offering up some big cash to break into their newest console 'The Switch' and then tell them how it was done.

In an attempt to keep hackers from infecting the system. The company has offered a bounty of $20,000, this to stop cheaters, pirates and vulnerabilities in the system and software.
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