Country superstar Keith Urban's latest album 'Ripcord' has been very popular.

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin caught up with Urban at the ACM's:

I'm Ashley Dvorkin with your 'FOX Celebrity Profile'.

Country superstar Keith Urban has had quite a run with his latest album 'Ripcord', it debuted at #1 in three countries, it produced four #1 singles, was nominated for a Grammy and Urban went into the Academy of Country Music Awards with the most nominations.

At his ACM's rehearsal, I spoke with him about the success of this record:

(Urban) "It's a long process making this album, probably more than any other record just because the things I was hearing and feeling, trying to capture that took a long time, a lot of experimenting. But the end result I was very happy with."

We also discussed how he likes to play with a variety of sounds in the studio:

(Urban) "Country that I grew up with was very contemporary country. It was also very forward leaning. There were pop elements to it always, the kind of country music I grew up with. And then of course playing in cover bands and that sort of thing. That sense of songs that would be on the radio is what I've always gravitated towards naturally."

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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