The artist behind New York's 'Charging Bull' statue is challenging the placement of a 'Fearless Girl' statue, saying it changes the vision of his work.

FOX's Gurnal Scott explains:

Norman Seigel, an attorney for 'Charging Bull's' creator Arturo Di Modica says the statue of the girl placed in March on the eve of International Women's Day was done so by a Boston ad company without permission, and thereby:

(Seigel) "Exploited the 'Charging Bull' for commercial gain as part of an advertising campaign."

He says it infringes on "artistic copyright."

'Fearless Girl' became a hit on social media and with New York tourists, earning an extended stay to stare down the bull for another year. Di Modica says there are other places for 'Fearless Girl':

(Di Modica) "They must find their own way, their own place to fight for the rights of women. Not in front of the bull."

A lawsuit has been threatened, but not yet filed.

In New York, Gurnal Scott, FOX News.