The museum of the moving image in New York City is asking fans of Kermit, Elmo, and Miss Piggy to dig into their piggy banks.

FOX's Tom Rigatti explains:

This story is about Jim Henson's creations and the effort to conserve them by the museum in Queens. The museum is asking fans to help pay for an exhibition featuring the original puppets of Henson's various characters, which made entertainment history...

(Kermit) "Well Dr. I see these strange creatures every timeĀ I say the word phenomena."

Museum curator Barbara Miller says they've never tried crowdfunding before, but it makes sense for this exhibit since the community of Muppet fans is so active.

Donors will get perks, including t-shirts, chocolates and naming rights to a puppet pedestal. The exhibit opens this summer.

I'm Tom Rigatti, FOX News.