Maren Morris is On Board with Award Shows Showcasing Country Music

Maren Morris is the new ‘Female Country Vocalist of the Year’.

FOX’s Ashley Dvorkin spoke with Morris about what the award means to her and the country music genre:

Country singer Maren Morris is the Academy of Country Music’s new ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’, which she found out weeks ahead of the show:

(Morris) “Yeah, it definitely is an ice-breaker going into the awards already having one. It was just so crazy when I heard that I did win because I was in London at the time and we were doing a festival out there and my manager was like ‘You just won an ACM’ and I was like ‘How?'”

I spoke with her at her ACM’s rehearsal about how award shows are one place showcasing the variety of sounds in country music these days:

(Morris) “I mean I think it’s great for the genre personally because I grew up listening to everything and if these songs can sorta be the gateway drug to bring people that don’t normally listen to country into the genre and start to go back and listen to Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline and the 90’s era. I think it’s only helpful for a genre to push the boundaries and bring new listeners in.”

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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