“She is a piece of crap, let me just say. Nothing is going to affect her. Tina Fey has got millions of dollars so no matter what decision Tina Fey makes voting wise, what is it going to affect her. She lives in a beautiful house and she has a ton of money, she can quit now and the money she has saved is making her money. She can quit working now and off the money she has made she is going to be generating about 1.4, 1.5 million dollars a year just sitting on her ass. So she is telling all these other people that are going out there and working nine-to-five, have four kids, they still have to go out there and work and then they have to come home and do their house work, she is trying to tell these ladies that they are stupid, really? That’s the mentality, that’s the difference between country music. Those folks have grown up the way most people grow up and they understand that they worked hard and got a lucky break and they are doing what they do and they are excited about it. These people (Hollywood) have come up in that crap their whole life and they never had a normal life.”

—-Larry the Cable Guy on Tina Fey and Hollywood being out of touch with average Americans

Comedian Larry The Cable Guy joined Kilmeade & Friends to sound off on Tina Fey bashing college-educated white women who voted for Donald Trump as well as others in Hollywood for being out of touch with average Americans.

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