The Force is Strong on EA Games with ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’

Video game and ‘Star Wars’ fans are rejoicing.

FOX’s Gaming Insider Eammonn Dignam reports:

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Electronic Arts announcing the sequel to its popular online shooter called ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’. While it wasn’t a secret that a new one was going to be made, EA publicly discussing the idea since 2015, the revival of the series.

The publisher promising a deeper game than the previous one with multiplayer campaigns that will stretch across the most popular movie setting and fixing a complaint from the last game, adding a single player campaign.

 The first trailer will be shown at April’s “Star Wars Celebration 2017” in Orlando.

Gamemaker BioWare releasing a statement about its hit space role playing game ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’. The statement from the developer coming from Twitter as they acknowledge quite a bit of feedback. The critical likely directed at buggy graphics that distort characters faces.

BioWare saying that they are planning solutions and will announce them on April 4.
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