"Riding solo" sometimes isn't as bad as others make it out to be.

FOX's Ashley Papa explains in "FOX on Love":

The concept of being single and having a great life is a foreign one, to many.

Author and motivational speaker, David Essel, says that's because society leads us to believe that if you're not taken, something is wrong with you.

But that's not true. Essel says being single for a while can actually be good for your mental health:

(Essel) "By examining and taking the time when you're single to see what your roll was in choosing incorrect partners, you can then prepare yourself for a great relationship in the future."

Physically, when we're in a relationship, working out and taking care of our bodies may get pushed aside to spend time with our new love:

(Essel) "A lot of times when people are single they get into the best shape ever and this would be a great time to look at doing that, the only thing you want to remember is when you do fall in love again don't lose yourself. Keep those healthy practices."

Socially, Essel says your single time is good for reconnecting with friends and building strong relationships, which in the end, sets you up for a better romantic relationship.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.


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