The biggest game of the year so far, also has the biggest controversy of the year following it, and an online gamer sends out an insult in the real world, that kind of lost it’s audience.

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One of the biggest releases of 2017 so far: Bioware’s ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda.’

After complaints of buggy graphics, Gamergate affiliated blog ‘The Ralph Retort‘ pointing the finger at Allie Rose-Marie Leost, who claimed that she was lead on facial designs, which has lead to threats against her.
Those threats prompting Bioware’s general manager Aaryn Flynn to release a statement, saying that said, “attacking individuals, regardless of their involvement in the project, is never acceptable.”

One young gamer getting a letter sent home from his teacher after calling a fellow student a “Hanzo Main”.

The “insult” referring to notoriously difficult to play character named Hanzo and players that only play that hero.

The character has a reputation of not being all that helpful to Blizzard’s team based shooter ‘Overwatch.’
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