FOX's Eben Brown has your "FOX Bullet Points":

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Connecticut could get a whole lot more gun friendly, if certain state legislators get their way. They've been discussing handgun concealed-carry permit reciprocity with states of similar standard for issuing permits. Currently Connecticut has no reciprocity, per se, but will issue permits to non-resident with permits in other states. The Norwich Bulletin newspaper reports Connecticut saw permit applications last year jump more than 70 percent.

The NRA is hoping to discredit a claim by a gun control group about the effectiveness of suppressors in preventing hearing loss. The group 'Americans for Responsible Solutions' tweeted out that earplugs work better than supressors. The NRA highlights a CDC study saying suppressors are superior. The NRA and suppressor manufacturers claim the devices are safety tools and buyers shouldn't be subject to background checks, wait periods or special taxes.

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